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San Diego Ski Club

Membership Application, Waiver and Release from Liability, and Chalet Agreement       Effective Dates: July 1 thru June 30*

I, the undersigned, hereby waive my rights to any claim against, and release from any liability, the SAN DIEGO SKI CLUB, its officers, directors, committee chairpersons, and other club members for personal injuries, death or property damage in connection with my participation in the San Diego Ski Club, including, but not limited to, all transportation, accommodations, social and sporting events and equipment defects. I acknowledge that there are risks and dangers involved in my participation in the San Diego Ski Club and its events. However, I personally assume all the risks, known and unknown to me, of participation.

A waiver is, "The voluntary relinquishment of a right, privilege, claim or advantage." To release is, "To set free from worry, pain, obligation, penalty, etc., or to free from something that holds, binds, etc."

I have read, and do fully understand, the above statement. I am signing this document, granting this waiver and release, and participating in the San Diego Ski Club and its events voluntarily, with full knowledge and assumption of the risks involved. I acknowledge that I have read and completely understand the rules for the use of the chalet and that I (and my family or guests) will abide by the conditions set forth if we use the Chalet.
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Children (under 23 years):  Members over 18 sign for themselves. For Members less than 18 years of age, at date of application, this waiver and release must be co-signed by the participant's parent or legal guardian. As parent or legal guardian I, hereby execute this form on said member's behalf and further agree to indemnify the San Diego Ski Club, its officers, directors and members for any damage it/they may suffer due to injuries incurred by participating in the San Diego Ski Club.

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Membership Fees – (Check one Category, with amount enclosed):       Family              Single               Associate (Newsletter Only)

Renewal               New Member or Late Renewals after Oct 1        $105             $95 

Memb#:        Renewal prior to Oct 1                                        $55               $45                           $20

Check method(s) of Newsletter delivery:        1. email         2. mail via USPS

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*New members registering after April 1st will have their memberships extended through June 30th of the following year.

San Diego County residency is required for membership. Applicants must attend the next regular meeting to be introduced to the Board, and agree to meet with expectations/conditions as expressed in the document entitled "Provisional Membership" (provided below) to be considered for membership by the board of directors. Additionally, before new members can stay in the Chalet, they must attend a Chalet orientation.

Print, sign and return only the signed form (Keep the Rules for yourself). Mail the form and your signed check (made out to "San Diego Ski Club") to the membership chair person at:

Jim Payne
SDSC Membership Chair
1651 Linda Sue Ln
Encinitas, CA 92024

** This form may be used to submit updates to the membership database without renewing.

Check the checkbox below labeled "Update Only" and supply your memb#, name/email and update(s).

Updates requested may be delayed until changes requested are confirmed with you.

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Remember to PRINT a copy before clicking on submit.

Prospective Members, awaiting for their membership to be approved should hold off on mailing in their application form (and check) until their membership is approved.


Chalet Rules


The opportunity to use the Chalet (property of the Trustees of the San Diego Ski Chalet) is a benefit of club membership and a privilege. Accordingly, everyone who uses the Chalet must know how to use it properly. To help accomplish this end, the following rules and guidelines as well as the Chalet Rules posted in the entry at the Chalet must be understood and followed by all users:


1.    Reservations – You MUST have a reservation to stay at the Chalet. You may make a reservation online any time before your arrival. Or, you may call ahead at least 36 hours in advance of your trip for reservations, leaving the following information: Your name, phone number, dates you wish to stay, number of people in your party and identify members/guests. You as a member are responsible for paying for the entire party, including guests, and sending payment for your stay PROMPTLY upon return. If you do not pay promptly a late fee will be assessed and you will be required to prepay BEFORE DEPARTURE for your next trip.


2.    Cancellation – If your plans change and you are not going to stay a night that you have reserved, you must log in and cancel, or call and cancel BEFORE 6PM of the night reserved or you owe for each night not cancelled.


3.    Payment – If you did not prepay, send payment within 5 days of return, otherwise a $10.00 Late Fee will be assessed. Paypal or make a check payable to "San Diego Ski Club Chalet," include date(s) of stay and send to the Chalet Manager at the address listed in the Roster and Newsletters.


4.    Guests – Members are responsible for guest behavior. All guests must be accompanied by a sponsoring member. Guests may not arrive at the Chalet before or stay at the Chalet after the departure of the sponsoring member. Guest fees for use of the Chalet are the sponsorÕs responsibility. Bring guests whom you would leave alone at your house.


5.    Entry – The key to the front door is in a lock box on the door. To open the lock box, enter the correct combination and push down on the top button. The key will release. Re-enter the code and reinstall the key in the lock box. Lock the door after you enter. This provides security to those sleeping, knowing that only members with the code can get in.


6.    Registration – Every person (or adult sponsor) using the Chalet, including guests, must sign the register/waiver upon arrival.


7.    Accommodations – All Chalet users shall bring their own sleeping bag, or blankets, and pillow. No sleeping in the lounge. Men shall not sleep on the womenÕs side just because no one is there. You do not know who is coming up or when they will arrive.


8.    Thermostat – If you are the first to arrive or get up in the morning, set the thermostat on the wall by the men's dorm to a comfortable setting (65 to 72 degrees), after 10PM set it to 50 degrees. When the last person leaves the Chalet, set it to 50 degrees.


9.    Life/Safety - Exit lights must be left ON while the Chalet is occupied. Do not block the emergency exits at the back of each dorm. Fire extinguishers are located in each dorm and in the lounge.


10.  Air Conditioning - During warmer weather, for fresh air, open the windows. Remember to close them before you leave.


11.  Water Heater – The water heater is a tankless heater in the womenÕs bath and requires no adjustment. Leave it alone.


12.  Water Valves - DO NOT PLAY WITH ANY OF THE VALVES UNDER THE SINKS IN THE BATHROOMS! If there is a problem, call the Chalet Manager on the phone, or call the plumber listed on the wall of the entry.


13.  Parking – Parking is tight. If you do not have a reservation at the Chalet, do not park at the Chalet. Park in plowed spots, alongside the Chalet, or at the end of the road. Do not block others in with your vehicle, if you do, be prepared to be awakened early to move it. If there is no room to park at the Chalet, you may need to unload your vehicle and find a parking lot in town. Do not park on a public street or the snow plow operator will have it towed away. Do not park at San Juaquin Villas.


14.  Snow Plow – During the winter the snow plow clears a roadway through the parking lot, quite often early in the morning before people get up. Please do not block the access road. If you get snowed in you must wait for the plow to arrive.


15.  Out of Control Children - We welcome children, but they need to behave and obey their parents. Children running, shouting, being obnoxious and not obeying their parents, or being disrespectful to other Chalet users is not acceptable. Failure will result in denial of future reservations. Children shall never be left alone in the Chalet. You could be reported to Child Protective Services for doing so.


16.  Empty Bunks - Extra gear should be stowed under the bunk, in the cubbies, or on the hangers above. It is very disconcerting for a person coming in late at night to find gear spread out over 2 or 3 bunks. If you are occupying several bunks, latecomers have permission to place your gear on the floor and use the bunk.


17.  Food and Cooking – NO COOKING! NO MICROWAVES! Only hot water (for tea, cocoa, oatmeal, etc.) or coffee prep is allowed, in the entryway. If you bring food put it in a mouse proof container. Please limit the amount of food you bring. Food is only to be stored in the entryway and space is limited. NO food is allowed in the SLEEPING AREA because of possible rodent problems (rats and mice), Hantavirus from mouse droppings leads to sickness and death. Clean up when you are finished eating! DO NOT leave any food or coolers outside on the porch, in the snow, or in your car. We donÕt want to greet a bear when we are trying to get in or out.


18.  Trash - Food will not be left in trash baskets to smell bad and attract rodents. If the trash baskets fill up during your stay, take the full trash bags to your car to be disposed of on your next drive out of the parking lot. When you clean up the Chalet for departure, empty all trash baskets into a big trash bag and take the trash bag with you. Leave all trash baskets with new (and empty) paper or plastic bags.  Info regarding disposing of trash is POSTED.


19.  Smoking – Absolutely NO SMOKING within the Chalet.


20.  Alcohol – No excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. We don't need to deal with a drunk. It will just drive good members away.


21.  Pornography – If you bring pornography, your membership in the San Diego Ski Club is terminated.


22.  Pets – Pets are not allowed inside the Chalet. This includes all pets. Other guests may have allergies.


23.  Quiet Hours – Quiet hours are 10PM to 6AM. Arrive/leave quietly during these hours. Be courteous. Turn cell phones off after 10PM.


24.  Cleaning – The chalet is a do it yourself operation. You must clean up when you leave or coordinate with all persons staying there to clean up some portion as your share of the chores. Cleaning equipment and supplies are in both dorms for your use. Leaving clean up for someone else is the wrong attitude. It's your Chalet. The work list is located in the entryway or lounge.


25.  Security – If you are the last one out, lock the doors and windows. If you are not sure, or others are still asleep, lock the door.


You agree that if you violate these rules, you will lose Chalet privileges for the balance of the year, at a minimum. Additionally you agree that failure to read and understand these, and other posted rules of the Chalet, is not an excuse for not following them.


"Provisional Membership"


Each year, the San Diego Ski Club has a limited number of new member slots available to fill, and we're pleased to hear that youÕre interested in joining our ranks.  We purposely limit our membership numbers to provide a collaborative, rewarding, and hopefully comfortable experience for all of us.


All new members if accepted, are inducted into the club as "Provisional Members."   Provisional membership has an initial annual dues structure that is $50 more than the regular ongoing annual member renewal rate.  All new members pay this higher fee to become Provisional, and if they meet certain club expectations for participation and follow the rules of our club in the first year, they may pay a lower renewal fee after becoming regular members in years thereafter.


A Provisional Member is expected to contribute to our Club in any number of ways.  We are an all-volunteer organization with an intentionally low membership limit or capacity.  Therefore, it's vitally important that all of our members remain willing to volunteer their time to attend, participate, and support Club activities, whether they are provisional or regular members.


A first year Provisional Member is encouraged to attend at least 3 meetings in their first year (not including the meeting you attend to introduce yourself).  You are expected to volunteer in some capacity to assist the club.  For instance, an active Club race team member is considered having met this participatory requirement. Attending our Annual Labor Day Chalet Work Party is another.  Writing short but interesting articles for the Newsletter, attending and participating in 3 meetings, hosting a meeting, taking on a Chair or Assistant Chair responsibility, providing assistance to our membership chair, race director, or newsletter chairs as needed, organizing or helping to organize club activities, and volunteering when called upon to do so, are all ways of transitioning to a regular member status in the following year.


If, at the end of the Provisional Member's first year, The Board determines the participation of the provisional member was inadequate or lacking in some manner, the Board may elect to end that members future association with our club, or we may offer to renew that member at the Provisional Membership rate yet again - in hopes the provisional member will want to participate to the extent that we can allow them to become an active engaged regular member in the following year.


Please be sure to reach out to me or our Membership Chair – Jim Payne ( Email: ), with any question or help you may need in getting better acquainted with our club.





David Sones

President, San Diego Ski Club